Welcome to the website of the Manchester, NH GNU/Linux User Group (MNH-GLUG)!

Because just because we live in the Queen City doesn't mean we aren't free!

Our mission:
To bring people who love GNU/Linux together, and spread the message about this wonderful family of operating systems.
Together we can make Manchester, NH the local hub of free and open-source software (FOSS).


We will have one main meeting, once a month. The first meeting's date is still subject to change.

The working date for the first meeting is April 20th, 2019 at 11AM. If you love GNU/Linux, be sure to be there! We will be located in the computer area. Look for the large stuffed Tux penguin and the baja blast.

As this is the initial meeting there will be no snacks, and a whole lot of discussion about what we want the group to be, and be like. Be prepared for that, it won't be normal. But that's where you take the stage- what do YOU want from a Manchester GNU/Linux user group? You tell us.

First meeting agenda (4/20):

Et cetera

GNU/Linux! Why shucks, I dislike the FSF and I would prefer to call it Linux. I want nothing to do with your group.
Well, even aside from Richard Stallman's concerns that calling it Linux distracts from the impact GNU made and hurts free software, there is another very good reason to call it GNU/Linux- Android. This is not intended to be an Android User Group, though I suppose some kernel issues cross over.
Who is organizing this? This is currently being organized by a mysterious hacker, shrouded in mist, known as Ellen Hebert. However, you are free to become involved in organizing this! We need you!
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